Rose magic with tradition

The Bad Nauheim suburb of Steinfurth is the oldest rose village in Germany.

Roses have been cultivated there for almost 150 years and shipped all over the world. The unique rose museum in the centre of the village tells you all about this tradition and its cultural history. In summer, Steinfurth celebrates the "queen of flowers" with the Rose Festival or the Rose Days.

Roses in Steinfurth have a long tradition. In 1868, Heinrich Schultheis brought back the craft of rose cultivation to his native Steinfurth from a hiking trip through England. This made a lasting impact on the village's history. More than two million roses are still produced annually in Germany's oldest rose village. In summer, a gorgeously blooming "avenue of roses" guides visitors to the village of Steinfurth. During the rose festival, it is also possible to take a nostalgic trip to the village with the historic "Red Rose Express" from Bad Nauheim train station. The leisurely journey offers stunning views over the Wetterau cultural landscape, and the colourful rose fields put you in the perfect mood for your trip to the rose Mecca. Show gardens, rose nurseries and picturesque farms offer great opportunities for romantic walks through the splendour of Steinfurth's roses. The rose tradition is not only limited to Steinfurth, but extends to the whole of Bad Nauheim. In 2005, the town won a gold medal in the nationwide "Entente Florale" competition for outstanding achievements in the planning, design, and conservation of flowering and green habitats. The town never shrinks back from exploring new horizons. The "Blossom Brunch" offers culinary experiences centred around the rose, the rose museum presents fashion design with the rose as a design element, and right in the centre of Bad Nauheim, a rose garden opened in autumn 2009, which was designed to blend in harmoniously with the existing architecture. In 2010, this floral commitment culminated in Bad Nauheim hosting the Landesgartenschau (state horticultural show) that transformed the town into one big beautiful blooming garden from late April to early October.

From Bad Nauheim, the “Rosenchaussée” (Rose Avenue), gorgeously blossoming in summer, leads the visitors to Steinfurth. During the festival, the arrival is also possible in a very nostalgic way from Bad Nauheim’s train station, with the historic “Rose Express”. The leisurely journey offers views of the cultural landscape of the Wetterau region and the rose fields get you in the mood for the trip to the Rose-Mecca. Show gardens, rose schools and picturesque estates offer wonderful opportunities for romantic strolls through Steinfurth’s rose splendour.

The rose tradition is not only maintained in Steinfurth but in the whole city of Bad Nauheim. In 2005, Bad Nauheim won a gold medal for excellence in planning, design and maintenance of blooming and green habitats in the national competition “Entente Florale”.

The city is not afraid to strike out in a new direction again and again. The “Blüten-Brunch” (Bloom-Brunch) offers culinary treats of the rose, the Rose Museum invites to fashion design with the rose as a new element and a Rose Garden opened in the heart of Bad Nauheim in autumn 2009, designed in harmonious connection with the existing architecture. This floral commitment culminated in 2010 in the host role of the State Garden Show which transformed