Bathhouses in Bad Nauheim

Bathhouse 2

The Schwarzlot (black stained) paintings of symmetrical bird pairs on the French windows attract visitors like a magnet. Honey-coloured terracotta reliefs embedded in blue glazed ceramic clinker conjure up a fairy-tale atmosphere. Mythological figures romp on the frescos in the ornamental courtyard. A crowned mermaid rides coquettishly on a dolphin on top of the fountain column.

Bathhouse 3

Blue and red-brown mosaic patterns in the waiting hall create a festive and ceremonial mood. The ornamental courtyard with its rectangular basin is reminiscent of a Roman atrium house. Rose-covered pillars and pergolas lend the courtyard neo-classical features. A small shell limestone fountain upon which a chubby cherub offers visitors grapes rises out of the pool.

Bathhouse 4 and 5

The waiting room walls of both bathhouses are clad in purple-brown Lahn marble which, in bathhouse 5, is decorated with a circular gold mosaic. Colourful oval windows made of opalescent glass set powerful accents. The abstract ornaments conjure up an image of a frog and a dragonfly. In the ornamental courtyards, the fountain adornments are reminiscent of baroque grottos and art nouveau water creatures.

Bathhouse 7

The "ceramic ornamental courtyard", with its circular arcade, puts the visitor in mind of monastic cloisters. Aquatic animals frolic on the pedestals, capitals, plant tubs and benches. The fountain complex with its erotic aura and Mediterranean airiness is reminiscent of the Renaissance period. Flower children perform a round dance for the augurs of spring, the breasts of the nymphs spray water as an allegory to life-giving nature. The waiting hall, lined with sharp fired ceramics in shades of grey, brown, green and white, shows the imaginative creativity of architect Jost.


On account of its precious furnishings, the Fürstenbad was reserved solely for the nobility. Prominent guests included the Russian Czarina Alexandra. Those seeking healing went to the marble bath at the feet of the goddess Aphrodite - in Greek "Anadyomene", the one "risen from the foam". The snakes floating above her head represent Hygeia, the goddess of health.