Bad Nauheim's Old Town

Picturesque half-timbered houses, part of the ancient city walls and a cobbled market square as an urban meeting place for the young and old.

The oldest known settlement in the Nauheim area dates back to the 3rd millennium BC, the New Stone Age. Around 900 AD the settlement “Niwiheim” (lit. new home) was first mentioned in a document of the “Kloster Seligenstadt” (Seligenstadt Monastery).  The curtain wall which surrounded the village is still partly visible, and in the narrow alleys of the Old Town lovingly restored half-timbered houses are lined up next to each another.

After a stroll a stop at the “Pfälzer Hof “ - one of the oldest inns of the city - is recommended. The buiding was first mentioned in a document of the “Kloster Seligenstadt” in 1297 as the “Fronhof” (manor house) . The cobbled market square with the old “Rathaus” (Town Hall) is a popular meeting place for Bad Nauheim’s locals and guests. Cafés, bars, restaurants and traditional apple cider bars invite to linger.

Guided city tour

From the Celts, to the Romans up until the Franks: experience the diverse history of Bad Nauheim on this guided city tour which highlights historically significant points such as the “Sprudelhof” (lit. Fountain Courtyard), the “Kurpark” (Spa Gardens) and the “Rheinhardskirche” (Rheinhard Church).

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