Various possibilities for your spare time

There is a lot to see and discover in Bad Nauheim. Romantic parks color the city's center green. The smell of a fresh sea breeze lies in the air. Historic monuments invite you to travel back on time. The Queen of flowers and The King himself await your visit. 

Experience Art Nouveau

Bad Nauheim’s landmark, the “Sprudelhof” (lit. Fountain Courtyard), is the largest enclosed Art Nouveau-ensemble of Europe. The synthesis of the arts represents impressively the aim of art nouveau: the combination of architecture, art and garden design.

Enjoy the parks

From anywhere in Bad Nauheim's city centre the next green space can be reached within only a couple of minutes. The city of health has a very diverse range of parks and gardens available.

Elvis Presley

When Elvis Aaron Presley took up his military service in Germany in 1958, Bad Nauheim became his “European Home“. He did not only stay, but truly lived here.

Discover the roses

Bad Nauheim's district Steinfurth is the oldest rose village of Germany. For nearly 150 years roses have been grown here and shipped throughout the world.