Disc golf course “Grünzug Im Sichler“

Since 2002, a disc golf course is available in Bad Nauheim for everyone who is interested. The 6-hole course is publicly accessible for individuals, clubs and school groups at all times and is located in the green space “Im Sichler“ near the “Hochwaldkrankenhaus“ (Hochwald Hospital). The rules of the game and all tracks are very well explained by signs, you can go ahead and play without prior knowledge.

Disc golf is a trend sport from the US, predominately played in public parks. The object of the game is – similar to ball-golf – to traverse the 6-hole course in the fewest number of throws of the disc. Instead of club and ball, discs are used and the holes are replaced by special disc golf baskets. All throwing attempts reached by a player are added together at the end of a round (score card). Winner is the one who has attained the smallest number of total throws at the end.

The most important rules of the game

  • All players throw one after another from the designated tee pad.
  • From then on, the one who always throws first will be the one whose disc is the farthest away from the basket. It is played until everyone has placed their disc in the basket.
  • Each successive throw is made from where the previous throw came to rest, even if this should be in an awkward position.
  • If the disc comes to a rest inside a penalty area (and adjacent properties), the player receives a penalty point. Playing continues from the point of entry into the penalty area.

You have to bring your own discs (no rentals on site). You can play with any standard frisbee.