City Portrait Bad Nauheim

Favoured by nature and climate

The spa town Bad Nauheim is located at the foothills of the Taunus mountain range, in the Wetterau region. For 150 years, the natural and carbonated salt springs have justified the international reputation of the spa. Around 1800, Nauheim still used to be a village in the Wetterau.

Besides agriculture, salt production was the main source of income of the small settlement, until the first saline baths opened created in 1835. Within a few decades, the rise from a small Söder-village and its humble beginnings as a saline baths resort to a renowned international spa took place.

From Johannisberg – overlooking the entire city – one can still clearly see the old center of the village with its closely spaced half-timbered houses. Around the turn of the century, additional streets were established such as the Parkstraße with its beautiful villas with urban character. The construction of the art nouveau bathing facilities and the establishment of numerous medical institutions created the height of Bad Nauheim’s building history.

With its gorgeous parks and forests the wealth of artistic and social life, Bad Nauheim is a city with a high quality of life and perfect for people who are seeking health and relaxation.