Welcome to the city of health!

With its spacious parks and an endless amount of “natural phenomena”, Bad Nauheim is the perfect place to bring body, mind and soul into harmony.

Art Nouveau

Bad Nauheim’s landmark, the “Sprudelhof” (lit. Fountain Courtyard), is the largest closed art nouveau-ensemble of Europe. The synthesis of the arts represents impressively the aim of art nouveau: the combination of architecture, art and garden design.

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Parks and gardens

From anywhere in Bad Nauheim's city centre the next green space can be reached within only a couple of minutes. The city of health has a very diverse range of parks and gardens available.

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Elvis Presley

When Elvis Aaron Presley took up his military service in Germany in 1958, Bad Nauheim became his “European Home“. He did not only stay, he truly lived here.

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Discover the roses

Bad Nauheim's district "Steinfurth" is the oldest rose village in Germany. For nearly 150 years roses are grown here and shipped throughout the world.

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Guided tours

Bad Nauheim can be explored in many different ways. Whether on a guided tour of the largest closed art nouveau-ensemble of Europe, on a hiking trip on the traces of the Romans or on a cycling tour to the medieval “Burg Münzenberg” (Münzenberg Castle).

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