Dual title: Spa town & Kneipp spa

Heilbad und Kneippkurort (Spa town and Kneipp spa) since 2011

In cooperation with the Kneippverein Bad Nauheim/Friedberg/Bad Salzhausen (Kneipp association Bad Nauheim/Friedberg), specialists and spa doctors, clinics, hoteliers, bath attendants and physiotherapists, the Kur- und Servicebetrieb (spa and service operation) as well as the Bad Nauheim Stadtmarketing und Tourismus GmbH (Bad Nauheim City Marketing and Tourism GmbH), the application und the most diverse criteria were developed in the last five years and examined by a committee in 2010.

The Kneipp therapy can be traced back to the priest Sebastian Kneipp who lived and worked in the 19th century. His holistic concept is based on five “pillars”: water, exercise, nutrition, medical plants and balance. The combination of Kneipp therapy and the mineral springs in Bad Nauheim offers an ideal basis for a health-sustaining contact with water.

Nine springs of different composition and effectiveness can be easily combined in Bad Nauheim with Sebastian Kneipp's methods of treatment. The Kneipp spa has a range of Kneipp wading pools and arm baths as well as one Kneipp pool especially designed for children. In the historic Badehaus 3 (bathhouse 3) you can experience classical thermal baths and also modern wellness treatments.

There is a wide range of opportunities for exercise in the green “towon of health” with its spacious parks. The Kneipp-Verein (Kneipp association), for example, offers Nordic Walking or gymnastics classes as well as special classes for cardiac patients. The interactive Gesundheitsgarten (health garden) at Graduation House II with 15 exercise stations also has a herb garden where medical plants grow. Various clinics and hotels have adapted to Kneipp's concept of nutrition and even offer Kneipp menus.

Kneipp's holisitc concept aims at a balanced lifestyle in harmony with fellow human beings and nature. The tenet “balance” is about the unity of body, mind and soul. Various events such as the Kneipp-Day in May and lectures in Bad Nauheim are devoted to this subject.


Kneippverein Bad Nauheim/Friedberg e.V.
(Kneipp association Bad Nauheim/Friedberg e.V.)

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Postfach 1573
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