Historic Baths in the bathhouse 3

In the newly designed “Badehaus 3” (bathhouse 3) guests can still take a bath like 100 years ago.

The historic baths made from precious moa timber invite you to a unique bathing experience which Empress Auguste Viktoria herself already enjoyed. The art nouveau design of the Bath House and the charming decoration of the cubicles contribute to the visitors' well-being.

In addition to classical brine baths for the relief of various diseases, theme- and relaxation baths can be enjoyed as well. The programme includes, for example, balancing cashmere wood or rose blossom baths. For the romantic bathing experience for two, a double tub is available.

Reopening in february 2018.


Badehaus 3
Im Sprudelhof
61231 Bad Nauheim

Tel. (06 032) 93 77 55 2