Sip by sip to your well-being

Not only does the exterior of the Bad Nauheim springs have a positive effect on the organism but so does their interior. Water curing is one of the oldest healing methods known, already the Romans used the powers of the healing waters. In Bad Nauheim, the water cure is used as an accompanying element in therapies.

The Bad Nauheim springs are located in a visually attractive ambience which contributes to your well-being. The “Trinkkuranlage” (water cure facility) which was erected at the beginning of the 20th century in Art Nouveau style is a vivid testimony of Bad Nauheim's history as a world spa. The impressive architectural heritage with its lush design and loving attention to detail honours the healing power of the water.

In the centre of the water cure facility is the “Quellenausschank” (mouth of the spring), crowned by a golden cupola and fed by three fountains: the Kur- Karl- and Ludwig Fountain. These are known as sodium chloride acidulous waters which stimulate the digestion, increase stomach activity, the secretion within the stomach and pancreas and have a positive effect on constipation.

The “Ludwigsbrunnen” (Ludwig Fountain) as well as the “Sauerbrunnen” (Sauer Fountain) and “Löwenquelle” (Lion's Spring) still bubble from their original sources. Nestled in well-kept gardens, the fountains form little oases of rest and relaxation.

Visitors can sample Bad Nauheim's various springs in the “Trinkkuranlage” (drinking cure complex) daily between 2 and 4 pm, except on Mondays.