Well-being and relaxation

In Bad Nauheim, wellness is part of the attitude towards life.

In our hectic times, people need rest and relaxation in order to stay healthy. Wellness plays an important part in the area of health. In Bad Nauheim, wellness is part of the attitude towards life. The lush green of the parks and the preserved nature around the refreshing city of health contribute to the general well-being.

Bad Nauheim is one of two Hessian cities which were awarded the double title of “Thermalheilbad und Kneippkurort” (Spa Town and Kneipp Resort). This honour as well as the 150-year tradition as a city of health oblige to constant quality controls and the advancement of the medical infrastructure.

Parks & Gardens

From anywhere in Bad Nauheim the next green space can be reached within a couple of minutes. The city of health offers an assorted range of parks and gardens.

Graduation buildings

A refreshing sea breeze blows right across Bad Nauheim! The reason for this are the graduation buildings which originally belonged to Bad Nauheim's saline, one of Europe's most modern salt refineries in the mid 18th century.

Historic Baths

In the “Badehaus 3” (Bath House 3) at the “Sprudelhof” guests can still take a bath like 100 years ago. The historic baths made from precious moa timber invite you to a unique bathing experience which Empress Auguste Viktoria herself already enjoyed.


The “Usa-Wellenbad” (Usa-Wave Pool) in Bad Nauheim-Friedberg is one of the most modern swimming pools in Hesse. Its light-flooded and friendly atmosphere is ideal for recreation and sports.