Steinfurth Rose Museum

The museum dedicated purely to the rose is located in the Bad Nauheim suburb of Steinfurth. In 1868, resourceful rose growers transformed the village into a Mecca of the rose world. The museum specially for the queen of flowers was founded in 1974, and opened in 1990.

The collection, research and exhibition all revolve solely around the prickly flower. Some of the collection areas are porcelain, artificial flowers, books on roses, graphics and paintings. The museum long ago adopted a cross-disciplinary outlook and way of thinking: Nature, technology, and cultural history go hand in hand in the rose museum.

Visitors not only learn how roses are grown, but also how they are made up - everything is based on the number five. They also learn why the rose is the symbol of femininity, love, beauty, transience and discretion.

In addition to its core tasks of collecting, preserving, researching, exhibiting and educating, the rose museum has been cultivating the delicate bloom of international contacts since 1990. Not only the rose has long since transcended all boundaries, the rose museum itself is also gradually fulfilling its own objective of being a cosmopolitan museum for the flower that knows no borders.

General Information

Rosenmuseum Steinfurth
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