Steinfurth Rose Festival

On every even-numbered year, the Bad Nauheim suburb Steinfurth honours the rose by celebrating the traditional rose festival, which warmly welcomes guests from near and far. The next rose festival is scheduled for 2018.

In Steinfurth, the oldest rose village in Germany, everything revolves around the prickly beauty. Here you can admire more than 100,000 roses in all colours, shapes and scents in the rose show.

At the rose market, everything you might need for planting and caring for the queen of flowers is on offer. The highlight is the rose parade with its magnificent floats. And not to forget, the unparalleled rose museum, which vividly presents the art and cultural history of the rose.

History of the Steinfurth Rose Festival

Roses in Steinfurth have a long tradition: Back in 1911 already, farsighted Steinfurth rose growers saw that it was important to teach an interested public to appreciate the town's product and present the "queen of flowers" at exhibitions. Even though the earliest Steinfurth rose exhibitions were very modest compared to current standards, and the festival visitor numbers were only a fraction of what they are today, they were still important pioneers for one of the biggest and most popular festivals in Hesse, and set trends that continue up to the present day.

In 1949, the first Steinfurth Rose Festival after World War II was held on the suggestion of the US district administration as part of a "good neighbourliness week". Until 1970, the rose festival took place annually in combination with an ever more beautiful and magnificent rose parade from year to year.

The public festival, held in conjunction with an industrial and commercial exhibition, also became increasingly important, which made the organization and preparation more and more extensive. As a result, in 1970 the decision was made to hold the Steinfurth rose festival every two years in future.

The face and programme of the rose festival has changed over the years and will continue to do so to ensure its ongoing appeal. By joining forces and with the support of the Bad Nauheim town administration, numerous Steinfurth residents provide many thousands of guests with a memorable event in all even-numbered years.