Rose magic with tradition

Bad Nauheim’s district "Steinfurth" is Germany’s oldest rose village. For nearly 150 years, roses have been cultivated here and exported all over the world. The unique Rose Museum in the village centre presents the art and cultural history of the rose. Every summer, "Steinfurth" honors the Queen of Flowers, alternately with the 'Rose Festival' or the 'Rose Days'.

Roses in Bad Nauheim

In 1868, Heinrich Schultheis brought the skill of rose growing from a hiking trip across England back to his home village. This completely changed the history of the village. More than two million roses each year are still produced in Germany's oldest rose village.

Rose Walk

Let yourself be enchanted by the splendour of the rose on a walk from the Rose Garden at the “Trinkkuranlage” through the "Kurpark" to Bath House 3 in the “Sprudelhof” and further along the “Rosenchaussée” (Rose Avenue) up to the rose village "Steinfurth".

Rose Museum

Here visitors can experience the Queen of flowers with all senses! Exhibits to look at, to hear, listen or smell tell you about the art and cultural history of the rose while changing special exhibitions present unusual facets of the spiny beauty. The visitors can sample rose oil in the “Duftbar” (Scent Bar), distil their own rose water, learn how to prune the delicate plants professionally and much more.

Steinfurth Rose Festival

In July of each “even numbered” year Steinfurth celebrates its traditional Rose Festival. A rose parade, rose exhibition, rose market and a lot more attracts thousands of visitors to Bad Nauheim. A fantastic firework display makes the brilliant finale. The next Rose Festival takes place in 2018.

Steinfurth Rose Days

Every other year Steinfurth invites you to the Rose Days. Rose nurseries open up their romantic show gardens for the visitors. Part of the programme are lectures, workshops and culinary delights.