The King lived - and is still alive in Bad Nauheim!

When Elvis Aaron Presley began his military service in Germany in 1958, Bad Nauheim became his "European Home".

And he didn't just have an address here, but lived here: He met his fans at the garden gate, frequented local cafes, and met the love of his life, Priscilla. Traces of the King are still very much in evidence today all over Bad Nauheim.

In October 1958, Elvis Presley arrived in Friedberg by train, Bad Nauheim's neighbouring town, where he was to do his military service. Just a week later, the singer's father, grandmother, and two friends as well as bodyguards also turned up. The "Elvis clan" rented an entire floor in the Hotel Grunewald in Bad Nauheim. Room no. 10 - the “Elvis-Room” - has been preserved in its original state until today.

Right next to the Hotel Grunewald, the "Elvis stele", a column on the Elvis Presley Square, today pays tribute to the King. It has become a real "pilgrimage" destination for his fans, who place flowers and leave messages in all languages of the world to commemorate their idol.

Two other highly popular photo opportunities for Elvis fans are the bridge over the Usa rivulet, on which Elvis was once photographed, and the Burgpforte (castle gate), where the picture was taken for the album cover of "A Big Hunk o' Love". Fans love to pose for pictures there in the same way their idol did before them. Very close to the town library is another attraction: the private address 14 Goethestrasse, where the Elvis clan moved to in 1959. Elvis stayed in the Goethestrasse until the end of his military service in March 1960.

Visitors with a sweet tooth can even sample their idol's culinary favourites in Bad Nauheim: The Café Bienenkorb (Beehive Café) still bakes the delicious chocolate cake that Elvis enjoyed in Bad Nauheim on his 24th birthday. To walk off the calories after this sweet treat, we recommend a stroll to graduation building IV, where Elvis regularly used to play football. The salt graduation buildings themselves form part of Bad Nauheim's highlights, since they are among the oldest and largest in Germany, and envelop the whole town in a pleasant sea breeze.