Fascinating Art Nouveau

The landmark of Bad Nauheim, the “Sprudelhof” (lit. Fountain Courtyard), is also part of Europe's largest enclosed Art Nouveau-ensemble.

The complete work of art illustrates impressively what Art Nouveau is aiming at combining architecture, fine and applied arts as well as garden- and urban design. With the “Trinkkuranlage” (water cure facility) and further, partly technological, buildings the spa town has an Art Nouveau heritage of international importance. Thus, Bad Nauheim has been admitted to the European “Réseau Art Nouveau Network” as the first city in Germany. 

Guided Art Nouveau Tour

Jugendstilrundgang: Kurschätze von Weltruhm

Get to know the extraordinary atmosphere of Art Nouveau during a guides tour and discover the countless lovingly elaborated details.

Jugendstil in Bad Nauheim

Die Geschichte des Bad Nauheimer Jugendstils lesen Sie hier.

The Art Nouveau facilities in Bad Nauheim were built between 1904 and 1912. The art-enthusiastic Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse and by Rhine authorized the young architect Wilhelm Jost with the design of the ensemble.  


Hier geht es zum Jugendstilfestival.

Once a year, the heydays of the former world spa come back to life when Bad Nauheim celebrates the Art Nouveau Festival.


Entdecken Sie den Sprudelhof

The landmark of the city of Bad Nauheim is the “Sprudelhof” (lit. Fountain Courtyard) which surrounds the bubbling mineral springs, justifying Bad Nauheim's vocation as a city of health.